Love Inspired Fitness Training

We are a body positive, women's only facility that is comfortable and unique. Class sizes are small so that women are comfortable coming in at any skill level and will get the necessary attention and coaching they need to be successful.

At LIFT, we focus on mindset and habits over weight loss, so that you can get your life back and put your focus on things you love instead of food, workouts and the scale. 

We believe the key to success is moving more and stressing less. We have simplified the gym experience so that you can focus on your workout and nothing more. No need to worry about the sound of heavy weights dropping, if your leggings are squat proof or how to work one of those crazy looking machines. 

Just come in and we will take care of the rest. 

Get ready to unpack because we think you've found your new gym home. 

Meet Jenn the Owner of LIFT 

I’m Jennifer LaBonte a mom, powerlifter and runner. I am a certified personal trainer through NASM and Girls Gone Strong. I use my experience and training to help women find joy in physical activity and develop sustainable behavioral changes in regards to their health. 


I am not your typical trainer, I don’t look like your typical trainer, and I won’t talk like your typical trainer.

I won’t tell you to stop complaining and get moving.
I won’t tell you to work harder for that beach body or burn calories to enjoy your dessert.
I won’t ask you to eat a certain amount of calories each day, or to try some shakes, pills or wraps.
I won’t tell you that all you need is willpower.


I will tell you to be kind to yourself and to love yourself.

I will help you change your mindset, help you overcome obstacles

I will help you understand the ways are bodies are meant to move 

I will help you find what works for you and won’t force you to fit a certain mold.

I will educate you on the nutrients that help our body run most efficiently without telling you to cut out the stuff that maybe won’t help.

I will lead with compassion and help you understand that it’s a hard journey but you have my support.

It’s a different approach that isn’t mainstream, and I have been scared about how it will be perceived. But the truth is I’ve worked hard to get where I am, mentally and physically. I have struggled, given up and started over and over again. I had people who supported and encouraged me along the way and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. But I realize not everyone has that support.

I want to share my experiences, knowledge, and skills to help you reach the goals you have but just can’t seem to achieve. I want to help you determine what the best method is for you and help you achieve whatever it is you are looking to achieve. I want to be your support system along the way.


Personal Training

Jenn is a Women's Fitness Specialist. Her certifications include:

Girls Gone Strong

Womens Fitness Specialist

Pre and Postnatal

National Academy of Sports Medicine

Personal Training


Yoga Instructor

Precision Nutrition

Level 1 


Intuitive Nutrition

In addition to her many fitness certifications, she is also certified with Precision Nutrition Level 1. 


 Want help learning how to eat intuitively or not sure how many personal training sessions you need? Book a call to see what services will be a good fit. 






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