5 Tips to getting started on your fitness journey.

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

You want to get started, you don’t know where to start. You pick up a copy of a fitness magazine and vow to do their 10 minutes a day to a flat tummy routine or follow some instabloggers 5 easy steps to lose 10 pounds. You do everything they say, you stick to the plan as long as you can, only it doesn’t work, you fail and feel horrible about it, so you go off the grid for a few days, stay away from the scale and drown yourself in Oreos until you come across something new. Does this sound familiar? Read ahead if you want some true life tips on how to get started and KEEP a fitness routine. It’s not magic, it won’t give you results in a weekend or 10 days, but it will LAST!

Find something you love to do There are so many options when it comes to staying active. The most important part of getting started, is finding something you love to do. So try EVERYTHING until you find something that clicks, hire a personal trainer, swim, bike, yoga, powerlift, Zumba, group fitness, CrossFit, walk, run. Try it all until you find something you love and stick with it.

Find a friend, group or community Lack of support is a MAJOR reason we fail at many of our endeavors in life. Find a person, or a group of people who have similar goals and hang with them. They will push you like no others, they know what you are going through because they’ve been there or are going through the same thing. There are many places you can find likeminded people including meetups, group classes, and online communities.

Allow yourself to be a beginner, don’t let others drag you down. Getting started with anything is difficult. I used to get so upset when I would fail. I had people in my life that didn’t understand my goals and would say things like “why do you even bother? Why would you do that to yourself? You’ll never get that.” Well first of all, I stopped listening to those people. Secondly, I proved them all WRONG. Don’t let other people tell you what you can and can’t do and don’t let that become your inner voice. Don’t be afraid to learn, research the heck out of the sport, lift, topic, and regress if necessary. Ask others for help with form, spotting, advice and tips.

Food is not a reward, and the gym is not a punishment Often times we punish ourselves with a hard workout if we’ve eaten too much or reward ourselves with a milkshake if we completed a tough workout. Let’s stop that crap! You do not have to work out to eat. How about you do things for your body out of love. Move your body because you love how it makes you feel. Enjoy foods that make you feel good and forgive yourself if you go overboard. You will get back on track.

Make small manageable goals Looking at the big picture may get frustrating when you don’t get there right away. Make smaller manageable goals and reevaluate every couple of weeks. Start with going to the gym 1 – 2 days a week and add on to that. Don’t set yourself up for failure by giving your mind too many things to commit to. Keep a Journal to help stay motivated!

Whether you are just getting started or consider yourself a pro my number one tip I can give you is:

Don’t quit on yourself The biggest thing to remember is to not give up on yourself. There will be days you want to. The days you do what you need to do, instead of give up, are the days that will make you mentally and physically strong.

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